Rancho Shocks & Accessories

When it comes to performance shocks, there is only one name to trust – Rancho. This is the brand choice of trucks and 4WDs for almost 50 years now. The main reason for this is because Rancho shocks are engineered to take on the challenge that is presented by off-roads to the suspension system. There are different varieties of Rancho shocks that are designed to suit a particular vehicle model, but they still carry some common things among themselves. Trucks require a long piston/rod travel that can sometimes cause bending especially if the materials that are used are below quality. But with the Rancho shocks you get high-tech and sturdy shocks that are able to cope with the heavy demands of road travels.

Rancho shocks boost of a twin-tube design of hardened and double-chromed rod that is not present in other shocks in the market. They also have double-welded mountings and larger gas and oil chambers that makes them more superior and efficient. These heavy-duty shocks are coated with a finish that can resist a 240-hour salt spray. They have a red boot piston ring covering that has become the trademark of the brand. It doesn't matter whether you have a lowered or a lifted ride; these shocks give you the chance to experience great ride and better control.

Whether you are cruising on the highway or navigating through treacherous off-roads, Rancho shocks has the perfect design for your vehicle. There is the RS5000 Rancho shock absorber for light on and off road conditions, while you can use the RS9000 shocks for rugged conditions because of their 9-way adjustable damper shock dial that can be adjusted for better shock absorption. There is also the RSX Shocks that offers high-performance because of the use of the Rancho Reflex technology. You can get all of these Rancho shocks at Parts Train. Browse through our product catalogue for a complete and detailed list of our available stock inventory.