Rampage Windshield Hardware & Accessories

When it comes to off-road vehicles, the Jeep Wrangler is probably on top of many enthusiasts' lists. And who wouldn't love to take a Wrangler outdoors, with its removable doors and fold-down windshield? Yes, a Wrangler's windshield can be folded down for you to feel the wind in your hair and enjoy an unobstructed view of nature. To easily lower your Wrangler's windshield, though, you need to equip your vehicle with a reliable set of windshield hardware. And much like the Jeep Wrangler, a set of Rampage Windshield Hardware is among the best of its kind.

Rampage's windshield hardware comes in the form of large hinges that can be screwed under the lower corners of your Wrangler's windshield. Once you've removed the bolts holding the windshield in place, these hinges help you smoothly and quickly fold down the windshield. These hinges also make sure that the windshield, despite its lowered position, stays attached to your vehicle's body. The Rampage Windshield Hardware prevents the damage that can be caused by the windshield sliding off your Wrangler's hood. This feature is especially useful on those rough off-road trails; all those bumps can easily cause weak hinges to fall apart and release the windshield. To rule out that possibility, Rampage's windshield hardware is crafted only from high-strength steel. Aside from that, Rampage uses only advanced technology to design and machine each hinge in a set of Rampage Windshield Hardware.

But aside from all that, this Rampage product also makes it easier for you to mount side mirrors and additional lighting components on your vehicle. Rampage's windshield hinges come pre-drilled, so you can easily install them as well as attach mirrors to the hinges' sides. Installing lights on the hinges also doesn't require drilling; all you have to do is bolt a lighting component mount to the upper hinge mount that comes with the hardware. The Rampage Windshield Hardware serving more than just your Jeep's windshield-how's that for useful? Now, should you want to view an extensive range of windshield hardware, you can trust Parts Train. The windshield hardware is just one of the many Rampage products we have for you.