Rampage Windshield Channel & Accessories

These days, women aren't the only ones who can slip into a bikini. One great thing about having a Jeep Wrangler is you can opt to replace its hardtop with something less bulky and more open: a bikini top. Strapping one on your Wrangler doesn't only make driving easier and more enjoyable, but also gives your vehicle a customized look. But, before you switch your Wrangler's hardtop for a bikini top, make sure your vehicle has a Rampage Windshield Channel. This device makes bikini top installation a breeze and helps keep the top in place.

Off-road driving is definitely more fun when your Wrangler is equipped with a bikini top. As you drive up mountains and along coasts, you get to feel the wind on your body, and your senses can better appreciate the smells and sounds of nature. The Rampage Windshield Channel can help you enjoy all these benefits. Basically, the windshield channel is a bar that can be attached to the top edge of your Wrangler's windshield frame. Once securely clamped to the windshield frame, the channel provides you with a steady structure to which you can fasten the bikini top. Even if you're driving over the roughest and bumpiest roads, this windshield channel ensures that the bikini top won't suddenly detach from your Wrangler's body. The Rampage Windshield Channel also features a self-adjusting clamp system, saving you time on maintenance. You don't have to worry about retightening the windshield channel; this Rampage product keeps the bikini top properly stretched over your vehicle's cabin. And like all Rampage products, this windshield channel is designed to complement your vehicle's tough looks. All windshield channels from Rampage come in a black finish that matches any color scheme.

With the Rampage Windshield Channel, you can turn your stuffy Jeep Wrangler into a wide-open ride. How can you fully enjoy the great outdoors with a hardtop on your vehicle? All you'll hear is the buzzing of your vehicle's engine. So, before your next off-road trip, swap your Wrangler's hardtop for a bikini top. Of course, make sure your vehicle is equipped with the perfect windshield channel first. Here at Parts Train, you can view a wide selection of windshield channels designed for specific Jeep Wrangler models and bikini top types.