Rampage Window Storage Bag & Accessories

Do you watch suspense and thrillers? If you do, recall some of the movies you watched. Did you notice how this kind of movies always makes use of a huge, black bag as prop to store dead bodies? Yes, you'll usually see this familiar black bag being used by a killer to contain his victim's body or for paramedics to keep dead bodies when transporting them from the site of the murder to the morgue. OK, here's a note: not all black bags, however, are used for this gruesome purpose. There are some particularly made to store and protect other things, say, important auto devices and other car parts. An example of this is the Rampage Window Storage Bag.

As the name implies, the window storage bag from Rampage is used to keep your automobile windows out of harm's way when not in use. This product is beneficial for people who own a Jeep or any vehicle that has a soft top. Generally, soft tops have zip out windows, which are basically removable. By removing the windows (then storing them in the window storage bag), you can enjoy more fresh and cool air blowing in from the outside. You don't have to worry about the windows' condition even if you don't put them back for some time, as long as you have them in this high-quality protective storage bag. You can surely rely on the Rampage Window Storage Bag to effectively protect your zip out windows from scratches and tears. It also has foam padding for added protection. The bag boasts of long-lasting quality, which stems from the durable materials used to create it, making it a great investment for your ride.

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