Rampage Tube Bumper & Accessories

Beat damaging off-road elements with Rampage's complete line of aftermarket parts and accessories! This company has been providing top-class protective products for your Jeep for the past six years, a feat that has earned the trust of many. Like everything that Rampage produces, the Rampage tube bumper is manufactured for both replacement and upgrade purposes. This bumper is designed for two important reasons: (1) to provide both the front and rear of your vehicle complete protection against harmful, unwanted road elements like rocks and other road debris and (2) to serve as an aesthetic accessory to improve your vehicle's rugged, edgy looks.

The Rampage tube bumper can be mounted to the front or rear of your vehicle. It's engineered from high-grade steel materials and is either powder-coated black or polished. A powder-coated black bumper is treated with dense zinc undercoating and then powder-coated twice for optimum strength. The polished bumper, on the other hand, is completely buffed and heat-treated for a no-rust, no-flake, and no-peel result. Rampage's bumpers come in different designs. Some come with a welded unibody construction that ensures extreme durability, some feature a dual system for side and underside protection, and others are simply hooped. The Rampage tube bumper also comes in different specifications. You'll find bumpers with 0.1875 steel plate and a 2 x 0.120 wall tubing center, and others with two upper tubes and 1.5 lower tubes. Also, some Rampage bumpers feature a fully adjustable oversize tire mount system that can carry up to 35-inch tires. Plus, they also come with custom-welded shackle mounts that have clevis d-rings, heavy-duty latch and hinge, and two 4-inch light receptacles. Some even have 0.25-inch thick custom mounting brackets to help DIYers mount them easily.

Getting the right Rampage tube bumper for your auto will ensure easy installation that you can do on your own. And that won't be a problem because this product is made for different Jeep models, so you can surely find one for yours. That means you'll get more savings on the money that you'd otherwise spend on a mechanic! Good thing, too, that you can easily get the Rampage tube bumper right here from Parts Train. So you're just mouse clicks away from achieving not only a more stylish look for your Jeep, but improved protection on the road, too.