Rampage Tinted Window Kit & Accessories

Driving your Jeep under the summer sun is supposed to be picturesque. But if you try parking your vehicle for an hour under the hot sun and driving it after-it won't be so picturesque at all! The summer sun can make your cabin unbearably hot. Apart from the heat, the scorching UV rays can penetrate your mirrors and impair your vision, turning your summer drive into a hot accident waiting to happen. To prevent the sun from ruining your driving experience, you'll need the help of a Rampage Tinted Window Kit.

The Rampage Tinted Window Kit is packed with all the things you need to help you tint your windows. Each kit comes with a couple of quarter-side tinted windows and one rear-tinted window. These windows are made from premium materials to ensure longer service life. These materials also give the windows the toughness they need to withstand regular exposure to harsh elements. Each component included in the kit comes in a direct-fit design, making it easy for you to secure it in place. This saves you the time and effort of having to modify your window panels to get the perfect fit. Plus, this gives you the assurance that the windows in the kit will fit perfectly once you've added them to your vehicle's top. Another thing Rampage did was to make its windows lightweight and compact, so you won't have a problem storing them after use. Rampage also added a window storage bag with this window kit. The bags come in pairs and are equipped with foam padding to protect your windows from nicks and scratches. Thanks to these features, the Rampage Tinted Window Kit gives you a cool interior amid the hot summer sun.

Even though driving under the sun is a lot easier compared to driving under rain or snow, it doesn't mean that it won't give you any problems. A hot cabin together with the sun's blinding rays can quickly ruin your summer drive. This is why having a Rampage Tinted Window Kit is important. This easy Do-It-Yourself kit you can easily obtain from Parts Train will give you that picturesque summer drive that you always wanted. With its help, you get to avoid dealing with these problems to make driving a whole lot easier.