Rampage Spare Tire Cover & Accessories

Flat tires-two words that drivers dread to hear, especially when they're on the road. Truth is, anything can happen while you drive. Because of that, it's a smart move to have a spare tire. But a spare tire alone isn't enough-you need something to protect it. Otherwise, elements like road debris, UV rays, rain, and even tire-thrown rocks can damage it even before you can use it. To prevent this from happening, use something that will give it topnotch defense such as a Rampage spare tire cover.

With this high-quality cover, your spare tire gets all the protection it needs. Made from heavy-duty vinyl, the Rampage spare tire cover is built to last for years. It's so durable it will take more than rocks, pebbles, heavy rain, and extreme heat to damage it. Also, there will always be a spare tire cover for every spare tire size, as it comes in medium and large. The medium-sized cover can fit tires measuring 27 to 29 inches while the large cover can accommodate tires that are 30 to 32 inches in diameter. Compared to other spare tire covers that look dull and boring, the Rampage spare tire cover can boost your ride's looks in a jiffy. That's because it comes in different colors such as denim black, black, gray, and spice that will instantly add style and panache to your auto. In addition to that, installation is a breeze because its no-drilling and no-weld features enable you to snap it to your ride in minutes.

The Rampage spare tire cover is second to none when it comes to durability, strength, and appeal. Developed by Rampage's well-trained designers and engineers, it's a high-quality product that's worth every penny. Rampage's experience in manufacturing auto parts and accessories makes it one of the top choices for experts and engine builders around the world. And if you want the top-caliber spare tire cover from the company, you don't have to go far because it's available here at Parts Train. So get the Rampage spare tire cover and extend your spare tire's service life.