Rampage Soft Top Spreader Bar & Accessories

Rampage has always been behind every driver, providing what's best for his on- and off-road driving. In fact, the company's six years of existence have been very helpful to the aftermarket industry. To date, it continues to offer quality replacement parts and innovate additional accessories that make every drive safer and more comfortable. Among these products is the Rampage soft top spreader bar. This item works to make adjustments on soft top-equipped cars much easier and faster. With this accessory in every off-roader, no driver needs to stop and risk smooth driving just to fiddle or manually adjust his soft top in a position that best suits him. On top of that, the Rampage soft top spreader bar also offers structure that strengthens the entire top of one's car. As such, indirectly yet effectively, it can better the road stance of your vehicle.

The Rampage soft top spreader bar comes in a pair of stylish and durable bars. The style and specification of these bars depend greatly on the original specs of the vehicle it'll be used on, especially because experts and engineers at Rampage have developed this auto accessory based on the imminent dimensions of a soft top. They believe-and are really right in doing so-that compatible parts will offer ease and comfort in use. True to that, the Rampage soft top spreader bar is easy to install regardless of your car's make and model. The product is categorized under Rampage's fix-in and sport-with protective accessories since it won't buckle and tear itself that easy.

Rampage engineers also vouch for the durability of their soft top spreader bar, which is attested by its simulated testing using computerized on-the-vehicle situations. With that, people at Rampage claim that the product has reliable adjustable functions when in actual use. Moreover, the Rampage soft top spreader bar is amazingly flexible, too! Whether the soft top of a given vehicle is original equipment or already an aftermarket component, this soft top spreader bar can be used effectively on it. Parts Train offers this Rampage package complete with a 90-day warranty and a manufacturer's manual, which can serve as guide for installation.