Rampage Soft Top Hardware & Accessories

Doing things right the first time is crucial in everything we do. This holds true when it comes to installing your Jeep's first soft top. A faulty installation can make the top collapse with the slightest vibration. Not only is this embarrassing, it's also a hassle to deal with. You'll be forced to stop, look for a safe place to park, and go through the whole process of setting things up again. So, to save you from the hardships of going through all this, make sure you have the Rampage Soft Top Hardware to install your soft top properly.

The Rampage Soft Top Hardware gives you all the tools you need for the correct installation of your soft top. This includes a set of bow and connection tubes, two ultimate adjustable spreader bars, ten upper door frame snaps, a set of side and corner belt rails, tailgate brackets, mounting screws, bolts, washers, taping plates, and a windshield channel. The product is also equipped with hook and loop fasteners that help keep the soft top in place. Since vehicle sizes vary, Rampage had these components customized to fit directly onto your Jeep. By doing this, installation is made easy, because these components are perfect replacements for your factory-installed parts. Not only that, their customized fit also spares you from the hassles of making unnecessary modifications to each part. Rampage also focused on the quality of the materials used to construct them. All these parts are made out of metal to give them the durability they need to withstand weathering. Plus, the components are powdercoated to prevent rust and corrosion. Thanks to these features, the Rampage Soft Top Hardware ensures that your soft top will stay in place and won't collapse on you while you're driving.

By setting up your soft top the right way from the start, you won't have to worry about it falling apart while you're driving. And with the help of a Rampage Soft Top Hardware offered here on Parts Train, you'll be able to do just that. Having this product with you prior to installation gives you a sense of security knowing that you won't have to stop in the middle of nowhere just to fix your soft top.