Rampage Soft Top Boot & Accessories

If you have a convertible or an SUV with a retractable top, you're probably weary of dust and other elements that could stick or get into the soft top while it's folded down. You need a reliable soft top boot to shield your vehicle's soft top from harmful elements that can damage it, while also acting as an aesthetic addition. If you're looking for premium protection and a good-looking add-on, then the Rampage Soft Top Boot should definitely be on your shopping list.

The soft top boot is a protective accessory used on convertibles as well as 4x4's or SUVs with retractable tops similar to that of Jeeps. This is used to keep the soft top from getting exposed to UV rays when folded and unused. The boot snaps down directly over the folded-down soft top so that the suns rays and other harmful elements like rainwater and mud won't be able to damage the top. That's the kind of protection that ensures you won't need a replacement soft top anytime soon. With the Rampage Soft Top Boot, reliability and durability won't be an issue. Rampage is a brand recognized for manufacturing off-road accessories of the highest quality. Its products are able to withstand the harshest conditions the roads and trails may offer-and this soft top boot is no exception. In addition, each soft top boot is made to be direct-fit. Every pack also comes with an instruction manual to guide you through the task. These things make installation a lot easier and faster so that even the average DIYer can accomplish the task on his own.

Let's face it: soft tops are just that-soft. Durable as they may be, they can still get damaged with constant exposure to UV rays, bad weather, dirt, and other substances that may get into its folds as you drive along the road with the top down. The Rampage Soft Top Boot is an excellent deterrent for such road hazards. If you want to ensure that your ride's soft top will stay in great shape for a long time, getting a high-quality soft top boot manufactured by Rampage should prove to be a great investment.