Rampage Shift Knob & Accessories

Having a good grip goes a long way when it comes to changing gears. First, you're able to move your shifter with ease while navigating the road. Second, you can achieve your desired speed in a short period of time. And third, since you can make quick gear changes, you'll be able to adapt to any road situation quickly. Given these benefits, it's no surprise that drivers go through lengths just to get a good grip on the gearshift. Now if you're interested in getting it all, all you need to do is to install a Rampage Shift Knob.

The Rampage Shift Knob makes it easy for you to shift to a higher or lower gear while you're driving. Designed to be of a size neither too big nor too small for the average hand's grip, this stick shift knob lets you comfortably hold and maneuver the stick shift lever. Aside from making gear changing easy for you, however, this product also enhances the look of your interior. Rampage had each shift knob constructed from premium solid billet aluminum with a polished finish. This gives the product the toughness it needs to withstand regular use. But aside from that, it also gives your shifter a sleeker appearance that would fit almost any interior's style. On top of using high-quality materials, Rampage had a five-speed gearshift pattern etched onto the surface of its shift knob, so the pattern won't fade in time. It also makes it easy for you to see the shift pattern from any angle while you're behind the wheel.

Lastly, Rampage made sure that its shift knob can serve as a direct replacement for your factory-installed knob. It gave the product a custom-fit design that allows the Rampage Shift Knob to fit perfectly during setup, making installation quick and hassle-free. With a stick shift knob this good, you won't have to waste precious time wrestling your stick shift just to change gears. So if these benefits appeal to you, don't think twice about installing a Rampage Shift Knob. We have it in our catalog at a very good price.