Rampage Roll Bar Padding & Accessories

To maintain your off-road vehicle perfectly, make sure that it has properly working protective accessories. One way to do this is to pad all its roll bars, not only to protect the bars but to accentuate your ride's looks as well. But note that not all pads are the same. And since the part will surely be exposed to extreme driving conditions when you use your vehicle for off-road drives, it's a must that you get a durable one. The Rampage roll bar padding is the best choice.

Manufactured using only high-grade materials, the Rampage roll bar padding comes in a single piece with 1/2-inch of foam to cover the bar. To guarantee that it fits the exact specifications of your vehicle, computer-aided machinery was used to make this product. And to ensure high quality and durability, every roll bar padding from Rampage underwent stringent manufacturing processes in ISO-certified facilities, which were supervised by the manufacturer's experts. This product was also tested under simulated driving conditions like intense heat and pressure, elements present in off-road, adventurous rides. So when the Rampage roll bar padding finally hits display rooms, every off-road enthusiast like you can rest assured that what you'll get is a product that can last the harsh environment that the roads you frequently traverse present. Plus, its black color, which makes this roll bar padding look more edgy and aggressive, will give your vehicle a more stylish, eye-catching look. So once placed in your rig, your auto will exude a rugged appeal in an instant.

For an auto enthusiast like you to get the best from your vehicle, you should invest only in world-class protective parts and accessories from leading aftermarket providers like Rampage. For six years now, this company has been the trusted brand of many off-road enthusiasts. And with its continuously expanding catalog of high-quality items, you have more parts and accessories you can use for upgrading your ride. So why not start off on your car customization with the Rampage roll bar padding, which is offered right here on Parts Train? It already comes in a complete kit, so you have everything you need to install it. Plus, no modifications are necessary to make it fit, so you can install this part all by yourself.