Rampage Overhead Storage Console & Accessories

If you're the kind of car owner who likes everything neat and organized, you'll definitely benefit from Rampage. It's the brand you can trust when it comes to very useful storage accessories, like the Rampage overhead storage console. This product provides an accessible place for you to put various knickknacks in your car; thus, allowing you to maximize your car's cabin space.

There are two types of Rampage overhead storage consoles. The first is a nicely designed grey or black removable overhead organizer made from soft but durable fabric. It has four mesh pockets, a tissue slot, and a map holder. You can keep important personal belongings you don't want to misplace in the mesh pockets, like receipts, your license, and parking tickets. You can store your coins and bills and important documents in the pockets of this console, too. The second overhead storage type, on the other hand, is an upholstered kind of overhead console. It has a sunglass holder, a coin holder, and a latching storage bin. It comes in factory colors that will match your Jeep's interiors: black, grey, denim black, and spice. But no matter what type of Rampage overhead storage console you choose, it will surely help you put order in your ride. Is the sun too bright? Reach up for your sunglasses from the sunglass holder! Aching to sneeze? Take out some tissue from the tissue slot first. Need spare change for toll fee? It's just a hand grab away. Well, you get the picture. With this Rampage product, everything you may need while you drive is within reach.

Another good thing about the Rampage overhead storage console is its easy-to-install feature. The fabric console has adjustable security straps that can be easily fastened to your vehicle's soft top or roof. Since it's adjustable, it can be fixed without a bit of difficulty and can be simply taken off when not needed. On the other hand, the upholstered overhead storage console can be installed with or without the sandbar, so you can mount it quickly, too. Parts Train has a complete line of Rampage parts you can choose from. But to make your Jeep neater and tidier, don't think twice about using a Rampage overhead storage console.