Rampage Nerf Bars & Accessories

Getting in and out of your truck or SUV is easy if you've got height and youth on your side. But for the elderly and kids, it would definitely be harder to stretch their arms and legs far enough just to pull themselves in. Some would probably have to crawl up literally just to get in. Now that's not a graceful way of entering or exiting a vehicle, right? So make it easy for your passengers to get in and out of your truck. Install a set of Rampage nerf bars.

These components bolt to the sides of your ride and act extra steps so you won't have to stretch your legs up just to get a foothold on your vehicle's floor. Since they're designed to support heavy load, Rampage nerf bars are made from tough marine-grade stainless steel materials to give the product the strength it needs. These nerf bars also come with Rampage's unique design: they are compressed flat in their stepping areas to make the steel tubes stronger and prevent them from rusting and chipping. Aside from that, Rampage also equipped its nerf bars with molded polyester step pads to reduce the chances of slipping, making it easier and safer for you to step on them. Rampage nerf bars definitely fuse functionality and style as they come in either stainless steel mirror finish or glossy black powder-coating. And, depending on the model, these nerf bars may come with paintable end caps, so you have more styling options.

Lastly, Rampage had its nerf bars designed for a quick and hassle-free installation. All you need to do to install the product is to use the customized mounting brackets already included in the Rampage nerf bars package. Black-powder coated for added durability, these brackets are designed to match your vehicle's specifications, so you need not bore even a single hole with your drill. Installation is that easy! So keep your passengers from having a hard time hauling themselves into your truck. Don't think twice about installing a set of Rampage nerf bars-especially if they're easily available at affordable prices at Parts Train.