Rampage Nerf Bar Mounting Kit & Accessories

Nerf bars make it easy for you to get in and out of your vehicle. That's why they need to be secure upon installation. Otherwise, nerf bars will end up breaking the moment they're stepped on. Not only is this an injury risk for you or your passengers, it can also damage your ride as well. So, when it comes to securing your nerf bars, you'll need more than just a set of screws. What you need are the quality components packed in every Rampage Nerf Bar Mounting Kit.

With a Rampage Nerf Bar Mounting Kit, you get all the parts you need to mount and strengthen the hold of your nerf bars. This kit will save you the trouble of store-hopping for the parts you need to set up your nerf bars. The components in this kit also allow the nerf bars to stay in place and have a long lifespan no matter how often they're stepped on or how heavy the load may be. Another benefit that the Rampage Nerf Bar Mounting Kit brings to the table is its ability to prevent the nerf bars from flexing. Rampage made sure that all the components included in the kit are made from premium materials. This keeps them from wearing out quickly despite being used regularly and being exposed to all sorts of damaging elements on the road. There's also no need for you to drill any holes, thanks to the mounting brackets included in the kit. These brackets can be attached to your vehicle's factory holes, making it easy for you to mount the nerf bars. Since the mounting brackets have to keep the nerf bars sturdy, they are made from heavy-duty materials to prevent them from breaking down quickly. Lastly, the components found in every Rampage Nerf Bar Mounting Kit have a custom-fit design to ensure perfect fit and to keep you from wasting time making unnecessary modifications.

Since they're constantly stepped on, nerf bars should be durable and properly installed. That's why, when it comes to setting up your nerf bars, make sure you've got a Rampage Nerf Bar Mounting Kit with you. It's got all the parts you need to install your nerf bars properly and keep them from falling off.