Rampage Light Mount & Accessories

Extreme weather conditions are unpredictable, but that's not a problem to the responsible driver because he's prepared for weather changes at all times. From the inspection of necessary parts like the BLOWBAGS (battery-lights-oil-water-brakes-air-gas-steering) to the loading up on the precautionary gear, this guy is fully ready. And when he encounters fog light mount damage or simply needs extra light mounts, this driver already knows what he needs-the Rampage light mount is first in the list!

This light mount is a bracket that will securely hold the spotlight, or any lighting component for that matter, in front of your vehicle's windshields. You can install it on your truck or jeep, so you can add extra lighting equipment to cut through dense fog or rain during extreme weather conditions. With the Rampage light mount, your lighting equipment will be concentrated on the road and you can be confident of your driving safety even at night. And because it mounts your lights by the sides of your windshield, you simply need to reach out just a bit past your side mirrors to adjust your lights. But what makes the Rampage light mount even more the best light mount for your vehicle is that it's crafted from high-grade steel finished with black powder-coating, so it won't easily give in to damage caused by the harsh environment.

The installation of the Rampage light mount is also easy as it directly mounts to existing factory holes on your auto's windshield hinge, so no drilling or modification is needed. All you need to do is prepare your lighting component, as well as simple hand tools like Philip screwdriver and pliers. We guarantee you: hardwiring your lights is ten notches harder than installing this light mount. Now, all you have to do is get the Rampage light mount that fits your rig right. And where else can you get it if not from Rampage's reputable business partners like Parts Train? By installing this accessory, you can enjoy a do-it-yourself installation that gives you more savings and transforms your ordinary street vehicle to a safe and convenient off-road machine!