Rampage Light Guard Kit & Accessories

Although the headlights are often considered the core components of your vehicle's lighting system, this doesn't mean the tail lights are less important. Both sets of lights are crucial for safe driving, especially in low-visibility situations. And if your vehicle's headlights are equipped with headlight covers, isn't it only fair that the tail lights get some protection, too? Luckily, there are useful protective accessories on the market designed to provide just that. For your vehicle's tail lights, there is one protective accessory worth considering-the Rampage light guard kit.

Rampage is definitely among the brands you can trust when it comes to replacement parts and accessories for your off-road vehicle. The brand offers a wide selection of expertly designed protective accessories that make driving safer and help keep your vehicle in top shape. One testament to the brand's trademark of quality is the Rampage light guard kit. It contains a durable light guard made from high-grade stainless steel and all the hardware you need to mount the guard over the tail lights. Once properly covering your vehicle's tail lights, the light guard protects the lights from road debris and rear-end collisions. If you're into navigating the off-road trails, the Rampage light guard kit is a perfect addition to your vehicle. Off-road environments pose many threats to the tail lights' fragile parts. But if you stick to paved roads and highways, this kit's light guard is still useful in event of rear-end collisions. Besides protecting your tail lights, the Rampage light guard kit can also give your vehicle a customized look. This kit comes with light guards in either a polished mirror finish or a black powder coating. And don't worry about installing this kit's light guard. The job doesn't require any specialized tools; even a neophyte at DIY vehicle customization can successfully do the job.

So give your vehicle's tail lights the protection they deserve and need. When it comes to protective accessories for your off-road vehicle, Rampage is one brand you can trust. And just like Rampage, Parts Train offers products that keep your vehicle and its parts safe from damage. Our Rampage light guard kit is just among the many products that can protect your vehicle. We have more in store at our catalogs for you!