Rampage LED Light & Accessories

If you're having trouble with nighttime driving, don't worry. You're definitely not alone. Many drivers encounter problems on the road after sunset, probably because of the added hazard of low visibility. And because there are no shortcuts to learning to drive at night, your senses and driving skills will just have to adjust to road conditions in the dark. Of course, it's better if your vehicle is equipped with a Rampage LED Light. This lighting component increases your vehicle's visibility to other motorists on the road, helping you steer clear of accidents.

The Rampage LED Light is a light bar designed to fit into the space between your vehicle's tailgate and rear bumper. Once completely wired in and activated, it will make your vehicle's rear end more visible to other motorists at nighttime. This elongated light bar uses a row of LEDs or light emitting diodes, all capable of emitting high-intensity illumination. With this light bar on your vehicle, there's no way tailing motorists on the road can miss you. But Rampage's LED light does more than just illuminate your vehicle's rear; it can act as your vehicle's brake and turn signal lights, too. Once you step on the brakes, this light bar activates to warn motorists behind your vehicle. And when you intend to make a turn, half of the light bar's LEDs can be switched on to indicate to which direction you're turning. For added function, you can even opt to get a Rampage LED Light bar that activates when you put your vehicle in reverse.

Installing this Rampage product doesn't require you to get those power tools out. All you need to use is a strong adhesive foam tape to secure the light bar to your vehicle. And since the Rampage LED Light comes equipped with a four-hitch connector, you just have to plug it to your vehicle's existing trailer hitch wiring for power. To provide you with light bars that perfectly fit your vehicle, Rampage offers two lengths for its light bars: 49 inches for mini-trucks and SUVs and 60 inches for full-sized pickup trucks. Whatever off-road vehicle you drive, Rampage can surely help you drive easier at night. And for the particular Rampage LED Light you need, Parts Train can surely help you find it.