Rampage Hood Trim Kit & Accessories

Your Jeep exudes strength and ruggedness, but it doesn't mean that you no longer need to give it a style boost. One part that you can focus on is your Jeep's hood. Since it's one of the first areas that people notice when they look at your ride, your hood needs a new set of accessories that can make it look livelier. So, if you're interested in supping up your Jeep's hood, consider getting it a Rampage Hood Trim Kit.

The Rampage Hood Trim Kit contains a number of accessories that help revitalize the look of your vehicle's hood. With the help of these parts, you'll be able to make your front end more stylish and attractive. To help this kit bring out the best in your hood, Rampage had each one equipped with the following components: a set of hood hinges, a windshield tie down kit, hood vent, footman loop, and hood catches. These parts are made from premium stainless steel materials to keep them from breaking down quickly. It also gives each component the resistance it needs to withstand constant exposure to harsh elements. Another feature of this Rampage product is it comes in either black powder coat or mirror-like finish. These finishes give the components added durability while making them look more stylish. Also, these finishes ensure that each part will complement your vehicle's paint without making it look too flashy. Finally, to make installation fast and easy, the parts packed in a Rampage Hood Trim Kit are given a direct-fit design. By doing this, you're spared from having to modify each component just to get the fit you're looking for. And since these parts have a bolt-on feature, you'll be able to place them quickly into the allotted slots found in your Jeep.

Even if your Jeep carries a rugged appearance, it doesn't mean that you should limit it to just that look. It can still be enhanced by adding components that come packed in a Rampage Hood Trim Kit. With these accessories, you'll be able to make your ride more stylish, enabling it stand out from the rest.