Rampage Hood Catch & Accessories

The hood of your car stays shut, thanks to the clamp inside the engine compartment. However, if it isn't latched properly, your hood can pop up while you're driving, turning your leisurely drive into a quick road accident. Also, faulty latches allow the entry of debris into your engine bay. This accelerates rust buildup-racking up your auto maintenance bills as you drive. Our suggestion is to keep that hood securely closed with a Rampage Hood Catch.

The Rampage Hood Catch can be attached to each side of your hood to help keep it in place. It provides a firm hold that makes sure your hood remains closed when you drive. By doing so, it prevents accidents and blocks the entry of unwanted elements in the engine bay. Aside from providing protection, the hood catch also enhances the appearance of your vehicle by giving it a stylish and rugged look. Since the part is installed in the exterior, Rampage designed it with premium materials to give it supreme durability. It's equipped with cast stainless steel to give it a stronger grip. The material also enhances the hood catch's durability, allowing it to withstand regular exposure to all types of elements. Another thing Rampage did was to incorporate two types of finishes for this product. The Rampage Hood Catch comes in powdercoat and mirror-like finishes. This enables you to choose one that will complement your vehicle's appearance. Both finishes provide additional toughness to help maintain the product's overall quality. Rampage also added a lockable hood protection feature. This helps strengthen and secure the product's hold on your hood. Lastly, the company ensures that its hood catch can be easily installed. To pull this off, it had each one come in custom-fit design. This means that you no longer have to modify components to install the product. Drilling isn't needed either because you can easily install the hood catch into your vehicle's allotted slots.

The clamp in your engine compartment does a good job of holding the hood. But since it's the only thing keeping it in place, you should consider adding a Rampage Hood Catch, which we have right here on Parts Train. This will give you another component that can keep your hood in place and prevent it from flying off while you're driving.