Rampage Headlight Cover & Accessories

No one can deny the contribution of your headlights in having a safe nighttime drive. You see, without them lighting up the road ahead, you're more prone to encounter collisions and accidents. And because your safety on the road after sunset greatly depends on these components, it's important that they get as much protection as possible. These lights being positioned on your car's front end makes them vulnerable to damage. Good thing you can always protect your headlights and extend their service life by using a Rampage headlight cover.

Your vehicle's headlight assembly is composed mostly of fragile components such as a breakable bulb and glass or plastic lens. This is where a Rampage headlight cover comes in handy. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this accessory protects your headlights from possible damage on the road. Once installed, it prevents road debris like stones and gravel from hitting your car's headlights. By acting like a shield, this Rampage product prevents the lenses of your headlights from accumulating cracks and scratches. When the lenses are kept as sturdy as possible, the headlights' bulbs are secured as well. The Rampage headlight cover also prevents damage to the headlights in the event of collisions. By ensuring maximum headlight protection, this cover helps you avoid the costs and hassles of premature headlight replacement. Aside from that, the Rampage headlight cover also provides you with a cost-effective way to restyle your headlight assembly's appearance. You can get the item in a polished mirror or black powder-coated finish. With either finish, this accessory can surely enhance your vehicle's appearance.

With the product's two-fold function-to protect the headlights and to enhance your car's look-it's definitely a smart idea to install a Rampage headlight cover over each of your vehicle's headlights. Curious about this product's installation? Well, installing this accessory is the perfect do-it-yourself project: less than an hour and no need to drill! Like Rampage, Parts Train understands your need for auto accessories that are reliable and long-lasting. Our expansive and user-friendly online catalog features a wide array of Rampage products offered at the lowest prices.