Rampage Headlight Conversion Kit & Accessories

Time takes toll on everything-even on the parts of modern cars. Among the first parts of your car that usually wear over time are its lights, especially the headlights. Why? Well, aside from being bound by their maximum service life, the headlights are also fragile. Plus, they're located on your car's front end, which is an exposed area. But while you might have experienced a hard time replacing your sealed beam headlights in the past because they were expensively delicate and had to be replaced as an entire part, there's no need for you to worry when replacing your headlights now. Enter the new Rampage headlight conversion kit! This aftermarket kit features improved performance and a cool design while being economical. It's also easy to maintain and install, so there's less hassle on your part when dealing with headlight replacements.

The Rampage headlight conversion kit is a halogen conversion kit that comes in two types: one with 200 millimeters rectangular lights and another with 7 inches round lights. These two kits include direct-fit and easy-to-install replacement lights comprised of complete headlight structure: a housing, clear glass lenses, a multi-surface die-cast aluminum reflector, and other components. These lamps feature an improved beam output up to 60 percent. They're 45 percent more luminous on low beams, 30 percent more luminous on high beams, and also feature an increased range of visibility. They're compatible with both H4, 12-volt street-legal bulbs featuring 55/60 watts and off-road bulbs up to 130 watts. Too, the lamps are engineered in compliance with DOT and SAE standards.

Every Rampage headlight conversion kit includes the complete assembly and a 90-day warranty from the manufacturer. Installing the part on your own is a lot easier and faster because it readily bolts on the same place from which the original headlight has been taken off, and easily connects to the wirings using factory harness and hardware. With the easy DIY installation, you'll be able to cut on your maintenance expenditures while you learn more about the technical compositions of your car. Parts Train offers a wide array of authentic Rampage auto parts and accessories, including the Rampage headlight conversion kit.