Rampage Grille Guard Mounting Kit & Accessories

When it comes to providing your vehicle the protection it needs, nothing beats adding a grille guard. With this component, you'll be able to strengthen your vehicle's front end and give it extra toughness to withstand impact. However, before you go out and add a grille guard to your ride, you need to have the right tools for the job. Also, make sure you have a Rampage Grille Guard Mounting Kit for a hassle-free grille guard installation.

The Rampage Grille Guard Mounting Kit gives you everything you need to secure your grille guard in place. It's already complete with two durable brackets and rust-resistant installation hardware such as bolts, nuts, and flat washers. This way, you're spared from having to scout through different shops to get all the parts you need. Made from industrial strength steel, the brackets in this kit are painted with a black coating to make them highly resistant against corrosion and weather. With a mount this durable, you're assured that your grille guard won't easily fall off after absorbing impact. Aside from that, the mounting brackets are given a custom-fit design to keep you from wasting time making unnecessary modifications to your vehicle. They're also easy to install since they fit perfectly onto the allotted slots found in your vehicle's front. But that's not all there is to the Rampage Grille Guard Mounting Kit, because it can be used not just as a grille guard mount but also as a light bar. The mounting brackets can be easily adjusted and repositioned, and can hold up to four accessory lights on your ride's front.

No doubt, the Rampage Grille Guard Mounting Kit will ensure that your grille guard as well as lighting components stay secure at all times. Thanks to all these features, this mounting kit is one of the most sought after among off-road drivers. So if you're looking to beef up your vehicle's protection, don't hesitate to install a grille guard with a Rampage Grille Guard Mounting Kit offered right here on Parts Train. With this kit, you get all the necessary hardware to ensure that your grille guard will be able to hold its own every time it takes a bump for you.