Rampage Grille Guard & Accessories

The grille, with its position on the fascia, is one of the first things people notice about your vehicle. But other than being an attention-grabbing auto part, the grille serves a more important function-to allow the entry of air to your vehicle's engine compartment. A steady supply of cool, clean air is helpful in keeping the engine at manageable temperature. With this two-fold function, it's only right that you protect the grille from possible abuse on the road. A premium Rampage grille guard is definitely a great addition to your pickup truck or SUV.

Rampage is one of the industry's leading manufacturers of auto replacement parts and accessories for off-road vehicles. The company's expertise in designing products for trucks and SUVs is evident in every Rampage grille guard. Made from high-grade T304 tubular steel, it provides the grille with the protection it needs. This Rampage accessory serves as the grille's first line of defense in case of front-end collisions. By absorbing collision impact, the grille guard helps keep the grille whole and intact. And when the grille is in good shape, you can count on it to continue drawing air into your vehicle's engine compartment. The Rampage grille guard is also designed to extend its protective capacity to the headlights and the front turn signal lights. So this product helps you avoid the hassles not only of grille damage but also headlight or turn signal light replacement. Worried about mounting the grille guard on your vehicle? You shouldn't be. Installing the Rampage grille guard is a no-drill process; all you need to do is bolt the grille guard onto your vehicle's bumper. In fact, installing this Rampage product is the perfect do-it-yourself project.

The Rampage grille guard can also accentuate your off-road vehicle's tough and rugged looks. Rampage offers grille guards in polished mirror or black powder finishes. Once installed, Rampage's grille guard can definitely create noticeable changes in your car's overall appearance. And because it is corrosion resistant and comes in a one-piece welded design, you can expect this grille guard to last. Parts Train is proud to offer a complete line of Rampage replacement parts and accessories. Browse our easy-to-use products catalog to see more of our Rampage products.