Rampage Grab Handle & Accessories

Lack of safety equipment has no place in the wild-even if you own a jeep or a rugged sport utility vehicle that's designed for off-guard getaways. To get the best out of your adventures, you can mount additional components that will improve the functionality and safety of your ride. And for all your off-road needs, there's only one name to trust-Rampage! Backed with six years of experience in manufacturing the best protective exterior and interior parts, Rampage continuously embarks on bringing innovative parts to the market like the Rampage grab handle.

This grab handle is a hook-and-loop safety add-on for almost every truck, SUV, and jeep. During off-road courses, your passengers can easily grip or hold onto it for support, so that you all stay safe while enjoying the ride. The Rampage grab handle is a no-install safety accessory; you simply hook and loop it around any 2- to 4-inch diameter bar in your rig that can support enough weight for when one holds onto it. And because it's just strap-on, there's no need for drilling or any modification to your vehicle's body, so you'll neither break a sweat nor void any warranty. You can adjust the loop so your passengers can easily reach it and securely but comfortably hold onto it. When not in use, the Rampage grab handle can also be removed by simply retracing the steps you followed when you set it up. And because it's so handy, you can store it anywhere in your vehicle: in the glove compartment, console, organizer, bin, cargo area, or even in your own pocket!

This grab handle only comes in sporty black and in pairs. It also comes with the manufacturer's 90-day warranty. And as easy as it is to attach and store, the Rampage grab handle is also easy to find. You can readily find it, together with other off-road components from Rampage, at Parts Train. So for all your off-road equipment, there's no need to worry! Regardless of your vehicle make, model, or production year, you'll find interior and exterior components for your ride when you browse our online catalog!