Rampage Fog Light Kit & Accessories

Your vehicle's headlights usually provide enough road visibility, but it may not be as efficient during foggy or snowy weather. That's why it's best that your vehicle is also equipped with fog lights. Fog may greatly reduce the range of your visibility (up to less than a kilometer), but that's not a problem if your vehicle's fog lights came from a Rampage fog light kit. Rampage is among the most trusted aftermarket manufacturers of auto lighting components today. So rest assured that its fog lights will help you get a clearer view of the road-even when you're driving through thick fogs or heavy snowstorms.

Because sufficient visibility is crucial for your safety, you should use only top-quality lighting components that you can rely on. The Rampage fog light kit contains everything you need to equip your vehicle with reliable fog lights: 55-watt H3 halogen bulbs protected by clear glass lenses, a bolt mounting system, and the necessary wiring and switches. Rampage's halogen bulbs emit a strong beam that cuts through the fog and allows you to see the road more clearly. Also, fog lights included in the Rampage fog light kit has polymer housings, stone guards, and durable bolts and screws that keep the fog lights in place. So even if you're driving through almost zero-visibility streets, you can count on these lights to illuminate the road just right. By using brighter lights from Rampage on those dark, foggy nights, too, you avoid collisions and accidents. And you don't have to worry that these fog lights might ruin your vehicle's style, because the lights' polymer housing comes in a smooth black finish that definitely complements your vehicle's tough, edgy look. Rampage fog light kits include either round or rectangular fog lights, so you can choose which one looks best on your car.

When it comes to vehicle safety, remember that you should use only street-legal aftermarket auto parts and accessories for guaranteed reliability, optimum performance, and long service life. Rampage's fog light kits are certified by the Department of Transportation and the Society of Automobile Engineers, so you can definitely trust these products' quality. Rampage products, including the Rampage fog light kit, are available here at Parts Train.