Rampage Fog Light & Accessories

So why do you need fog lights when your vehicle already has a pair of headlights? Well, although headlights and fog lights have the same function-to improve road visibility in low-visibility conditions-each set of lights offers different benefits. While headlights are best used in normal nighttime driving conditions, using fog lights is better when driving in foggy or misty weather. A Rampage fog light, for example, emits a high-intensity yellow or white beam that's brighter than your headlights' beam. The fog light's glow cuts through the fog to illuminate the road and helps you see the streets better; thus, driving your car through bad weathers is safer.

Manufactured by one of the aftermarket industry's top brands, a Rampage fog light is the perfect addition to your vehicle's lighting system. To ensure that fog doesn't interfere with your view of the road, this fog light uses a 55-watt H3 halogen bulb. The bulb emits a brighter beam than a headlight does, and improves the almost zero-visibility driving conditions that are common in bad weather days. And since halogen bulbs last longer than regular light bulbs, the Rampage fog light lasts longer than fog lights from other brands. Aside from improving your view of the road, this light makes your vehicle more noticeable to other motorists, too, so they can avoid bumping into your car. Another outstanding feature of this product is its black polymer housing. It protects the bulb against moisture and dirt; thus, extending the bulb's service life. Installing this fog light is hassle-free. All you need is a set of sturdy bolts and some elbow grease, simple hand tools, and an instruction manual (if you've never done the process before), and you're set! No need to pay expensive labor costs-you can install it on your own.

The Rampage fog light, like all of Rampage's lighting components, is also approved by the Department of Transportation and the Society of Automobile Engineers. That only proves that the product passed rigorous quality standards, so you can be sure of extremely reliable performance and guaranteed durability. Good thing Parts Train offers topnotch, quality-tested Rampage lights for a vast range of vehicle makes and models, including Rampage fog lights. So be a responsible driver. Keep your car safe and use only street-legal lighting components, like the Rampage fog light, for your vehicle.