Rampage Door Strap & Accessories

Rampage is the brand to trust for your Wrangler's replacement parts and accessories. This company offers a vast array of high-performance replacement products and protective, useful add-ons for tough, off-road vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler. Among these is the Rampage door strap. As simple as this product may seem, this door strap can make your Wrangler better prepared for hardcore, off-road driving.

Rampage's reputation of being a top brand in the aftermarket industry is well deserved. The company has proven its expertise in ceaselessly producing off-road vehicle parts and accessories of premier quality. So you really can't go wrong with a Rampage door strap. Specifically crafted for 1987 to 2006 TJ and YJ Wrangler Jeeps, this product prevents your vehicle's doors from opening wider than necessary; thus, preventing damage from narrow terrains when going on off-road trips. The door strap is installed along the interior of your vehicle's doors, near the hinges. With this location, the strap can control how much the doors swing. You can then adjust how wide or how narrow the door strap will allow your vehicle's doors to open. This is especially useful on rocky trails, where rocks and boulders line the sides of the path. Opening your vehicle's doors too widely can cause the door shells to scrape or bump against rocks. In turn, this will damage your Jeep's doors and ruin its good looks.

To ensure that the Rampage door strap can effectively keep your Jeep's doors secure, tough nylon was used to make it. And because of this function, damage like dents and scratches on your Wrangler's doors are effectively prevented. Parts Train offers this door strap, so you can get it even without leaving the comfort of your home. You can view a wide selection of Rampage products in our catalog, all designed exclusively for your Jeep Wrangler. From simple auto accessories such as the Rampage door strap down to hard-to-find engine parts, we definitely have them in store for you. With Rampage products made easily available for you, you can drive your Jeep on adventurous, off-road trails without worrying about its components-big or small-getting broken and useless.