Rampage Door Skin Cloth & Accessories

Everyone needs something to wear in different seasons and occasions-not just for keeping up with fashion, but also for getting the right protection. This is true for automobiles, too. Door skin cloths, for example, are used to keep your Jeep's interior (as well as yourself and your passengers) protected from harmful road elements like dust and flying pebbles. They also shield you and your passengers from heat, rain, and snow. But over time, your factory-installed door skin cloth will get worn out, faded, or even torn. In that case, the Rampage door skin cloth could be your best replacement.

For six years, Rampage has been a trusted manufacturer of many off-road vehicle owners, particularly those who drive Jeeps. It provides a complete line of auto parts and accessories for various Jeep models. And the Rampage door skin cloth is just one of the company's many exemplary products. Made from high-grade fabric materials under the supervision of the company's experts, it's definitely one of the best you can get. This door skin cloth offers sleek and distinct styling that will make your Jeep look tidier and more eye-catching. It comes in several different colors: grey, black denim, spice, and black diamond. Plus, this door skin cloth's windows can be clear or tinted (up to 31 percent). With these choices, you can choose which one goes best with your Jeep's paint! And to make sure that this item meets your Jeep's measurements and specifications, computer-aided designing is used in crafting the Rampage door skin cloth.

The best thing about this product is that you can install it by yourself. The Rampage door skin cloth is equipped with the necessary hooks and loop fasteners to keep it in place. Rampage also included an easy-to-follow installation guide to make installing this door skin cloth easier. With all these inside the package, all you need are some basic tools and you're set! That's right; no need to call your mechanic. With the Rampage door skin cloth, your Jeep is just one step away from becoming more fashionable and well protected. A complete package of this item is available right here at Parts Train.