Rampage Courtesy Light Kit & Accessories

The same way you need your senses to be at their best during your day-to-day activities, you also need everything in your vehicle to be in tiptop shape during your drives. Even the smallest auto parts like the courtesy light should be maintained in very good condition. Unfortunately, due to its diminutive size, this light is often noticed only when it's already burnt out. If you're a driver who doesn't have enough time to monitor such auto accessory, then the Rampage courtesy light kit is right for you, especially since it's an item you can mount and leave on its own afterwards without worry!

A courtesy light is a small lighting equipment that can be mounted anywhere in your vehicle where extra light is needed. One common area where it's attached is under your car's door panel. It's actuated once the door lock opens, emitting light so that you'll be able to see the step bar as you alight from your car. The Rampage courtesy light kit includes a pair of maintenance-free lamps to cover both doors of your vehicle, each one ready to install. Under normal conditions, the lamps included in the kit can last for 20,000 hours. But even though they boast of long life, these lamps don't rob your vehicle of energy because they only consume low power, ensuring that the original performance of your ride won't be affected. This product is super tough and doesn't easily succumb to damage-even with little maintenance!

For off-road add-ons and functional accessories, you can trust Rampage! For six years now, the company has been evolving as a growing provider of off-road accessories and parts to different types of vehicle-from trucks to SUVs and UTVs. Now, its wide range of products includes not only lights like the Rampage courtesy light kit, but also tough interior and exterior components like tow hooks and side bars. In case you want courtesy lights placed strategically on your car, as well as other components from Rampage, you can find your items here at Parts Train. Our expansive online catalog houses genuine Rampage products.