Rampage Car Cover & Accessories

Does your face cringe when you see someone's car covered in filth? Well, you'll probably have the same reaction when you see your own car covered in mud and grime. Not only is it disgusting, it also wreaks havoc on your car's overall quality and appearance. That's why when it comes to your precious four-wheeled baby, it's important to keep harmful road elements from sticking to its surface. For this purpose, shield your ride with a Rampage Car Cover.

The Rampage Car Cover works wonders in preventing your car from being exposed to dirt, grime, tree sap residue, the sun's UV rays, and other road elements that can damage your car's paint job. A new fabric ensures durable protective construction and total breathability to preserve the quality of your ride's exterior isn't compromised and is kept clean at all times. This car cover also features a unique diamond bond pattern to keep air and moisture from affecting the quality of your car's paint. On top of that, the pattern gives your vehicle more breathing space to keep the temperature properly regulated. Also, the car cover has soft fabric pampers to prevent it from causing dents and scratches on your vehicle's exterior. This fabric is also made water resistant to keep water from seeping in. The Rampage Car Cover also has double-stitched elastic hems to give it a snug and customized fit. So you won't have to worry about it flying off your ride due to strong winds. These hems also keep the car cover from tearing up quickly. Finally, to give you added security, it's the hems of the car cover come with grommets for use with lock-and-cable sets to help keep your car secure.

If you can't stand looking at a filth-covered car, imagine what you'd do when you see your own ride in the same situation. Having a Rampage Car Cover is indeed important if you want to maintain your vehicle's pleasing appearance. With this car cover, you have an effective way of keeping dirt and other road elements from sticking to your ride's surface and causing harm.