Rampage Cab Cover & Accessories

Despite the important role car covers play, some drivers stay away from using them. Why? Well, aside from taking up valuable storage space, it takes a lot of time and effort to cover your ride with a car cover. Since most drivers lead hectic lives, having a car cover take even a portion of their precious time is unacceptable. To address this need, Rampage has come up with a product that provides the same protection and security that car covers can give, minus the time and space they use up: the Rampage Cab Cover.

The Rampage Cab Cover functions the same way as any regular car cover. The only difference is that, instead of covering your entire vehicle, it only covers the cab. This product can be placed over your car's windshield frame and top to achieve a secure and snug fit. That way, it's still able to protect your interior without you wasting time and effort in setting it up. Aside from its ease of use, the Rampage Cab Cover has a distinct advantage over regular car covers: it is lighter and more compact. Its size allows you to easily store it anywhere without worrying about the space it will take up. Rampage uses only premium materials to make each cab cover, with tough vinyl-coated polyester fabric that's water resistant to keep water and other harmful substances from penetrating through. This three-layered fabric makes the product more breathable and prevents temperature and moisture buildup. It has a water-repellant polypropylene center layer to increase the cab cover's toughness. The Rampage Cab Cover also comes with the company's unique diamond pattern that allows moisture and air to escape. Lastly, this cab cover comes with reinforced elastic side straps and underbody hooks to help keep it in place.

So, if you're against the idea of wasting time and effort when it comes to covering your entire vehicle, then you might want to consider getting a Rampage Cab Cover instead. With this, you'll be able to cover and protect your ride's exterior and interior, minus the hassles that come with using a regular car cover.