Rampage Bikini Top & Accessories

Every Jeep owner wants the best out of his or her ride. Though you're negotiating rough off-road trails, you want to enjoy a worry-free ride in your Wrangler. However, not every day is perfect-one day the sun is out, the next it's raining cats and dogs. If you could turn your Jeep into something you could enjoy driving through any weather, wouldn't you? The Rampage Bikini Top can help you with that.

Let's face it-people drive Jeeps because they're fun and exciting. However, harsh weather can ruin the fun and cause discomfort. You could get stuck on off-road trails with the sun blazing overhead. You could end up riding through a thunderstorm as well. With a Rampage Bikini Top, however, you don't have to worry about such problems. It's like having two tops in one-simply zip up or unzip down the middle to turn it into either a full brief cover or a half-topper. The bikini top's full brief form comes in handy when your Wrangler is fully-loaded with passengers or important cargo. It extends from the windshield and over the backseat to cover the vehicle's body. If the backseat's unoccupied, though, you can detach the bikini top's rear piece and store it in its handy storage bag. This Rampage product also provides you with two-sided pockets great for storing maps, tickets, and other important documents. As a bonus, Rampage's bikini tops come in a number of colors that definitely complement your vehicle's style. Rampage offers bikini tops in black, gray, and khaki; a bikini top in any of these colors can give your Jeep Wrangler an attractive, customized look. For comfortable driving even in the summertime, Rampage also offers bikini tops crafted from UV-treated mesh fabric. The fabric blocks heat but not the cool, refreshing wind-a convenient feature on hot, sunny days.

Don't let the sun and the weather get in the way of your off-road adventures. Better stay on your toes and be ready for anything the weather throws at you. Keep your head high and dry and beat the heat with the Rampage Bikini Top.