Rampage Air Intake Scoop & Accessories

Sure, having a hefty wallet makes upgrading your car a lot easier. With a deep pocket, you can buy high-end performance parts and accessories or afford the high costs of having your car modified. But you know what? You don't really need to shell out big bucks to improve your vehicle's performance. Instead, why not go for affordable options that guarantee the same performance boost? By installing the Rampage air intake scoop, for example, you can enjoy significant changes in the way your car runs on the road.

So how can the Rampage air intake scoop make this possible? It's simple. Made from sturdy plastic, this Rampage product draws cool, clean air into your vehicle's engine compartment. This air intake scoop, which is mounted on the vehicle's hood, is perfectly positioned to take air directly into the engine bay. Of course, to deliver first-rate performance, your vehicle's engine needs an adequate supply of cool air. Fuel needs to be mixed with air for proper fuel combustion. When the fuel is mixed with the right amount of air, the engine burns the fuel more efficiently, then your vehicle delivers more power. The Rampage air intake scoop also gives your vehicle's engine the air it needs to keep cool. Air from the outside is usually colder than the air in the engine bay, and the cooler outside air helps keep overheating at bay and prevents serious engine damage. This cooling advantage is especially useful for off-road vehicles with engines that work double-time. Rampage's air intake scoop even increases airflow to your vehicle's heating and air-conditioning systems! This allows you to travel more comfortably, with more heated or cold air circulating around the vehicle's cabin.

Installing the Rampage air intake scoop is easy. Just secure it on your vehicle's hood with some adhesive foam tape, and you're good to go. That's right; you don't need to do any bolting or drilling to equip your vehicle with this Rampage product. With its attractive black smoke or chrome finish, this air intake scoop can also add an interesting styling cue to your vehicle's hood area. So who says you need a lot of money to get performance upgrades for your vehicle? The Rampage air intake scoop we have here on Parts Train definitely proves that wrong!