Radtech Radiator & Accessories

Basically, the radiator of your car is needed to cool the engine after being exposed to extreme temperature, that is, right after the combustion process. It functions as a heat transfer component that takes the heat from the coolant that passes through it. After which, heat is given off outside the car through the radiator fan. Nowadays, most cars are equipped with aluminum radiators. This type is composed of aluminum tubes, which are actually thin aluminum fins that are flattened out. Inside are series of parallel tubes into which the coolant must pass through. Some auto radiators have tubes geared up with a turbulator that maximizes the turbulence of the coolant that pass through the tubes. The slow flow of liquid may also mean slow heat transfer so heat will not be completely removed. It's great to have this type of radiator affixed in the cooling system of your car but make sure that it will meet the required specs of your auto. Should you want to replace the factory radiator of your vehicle, our store is just here to be of service. We have easy access online catalog for you to browse. Among our top brands is Radtech radiator. Radtech is noted for its top-notch durability and quality. It's definitely worth a try. Placement of orders can be done either by filling up our online order forms with the needed information or simply by calling our customer service hotline. Our friendly staff will surely be glad to be of help to you.