Racor Bike Racks & Accessories

Do you own a bike and do not have the right area to store it? This seems to be the common problem for all bike owners with limited space for their ride. With the Racor bike racks you do not have to worry about keeping your bike in an upright position. Sometimes you leave it leaning against the wall and after a few minutes it topples over. This could harm the delicate parts of the bike and leave some scratches and dents on the body. Racor is a great manufacturer of innovative devices that lets you store your bikes in excellent shape without the hassle of occupying too much space.

There are plenty of variations of the Racor bike racks. They give you the option to choose which one is suited for your bike and your own storage preference. One of this is the Racor Solo Bike Rack. It keeps your bike off the floor and offers the perfect hanging style for any type of bike. It has molded rubber hook guards that does not damage the wheel rim. It is also equipped with a security loop which when used with a cable lock keeps away theft. It can carry a maximum of 50 lbs of bike weight; great proof of its durability and sturdiness. The Solo Bike Rack keeps your bike in a vertical position and out of the way. It has a durable epoxy finish and crafted from solid steel to make it superior.

Other Racor designs include the folding bike racks, floor bike stands, and the ceiling mount bike lift. You can get these Racor products, including the Racor bike racks at Parts Train. Yes, we are not exclusive to car parts and accessories! We have all your needs for your type of ride. Whether it is a bike or a four-wheel drive, we will try to give you the best options possible. Parts Train is the perfect place for all your ride's needs.