Racor Car Parts & Accessories

For over thirty years now, the Racor brand has been one of the most trusted names when it comes to engine protection. Racor, which was established in 1969, is a division of the Parker Hannifin Corporation in California. The brand delivers fuel, oil, engine-air, water, transmission, crankcase ventilation, and hydraulic filtration solutions at every flow rate in any application. The coolant system products and the specially-formulated additives also complete the Racor product offerings.

Racor has a number of performance devices and products that could very well help you. Take the case of the Racor Fuel Filter Service Indicators. These devices will help solve the problem of on-time service element change out. These allow the engine operator or the service engineer to monitor the element restriction and then replace the filter element the moment it is specified by the indicator. This only means on-time filter element changes which are cost effective and safe. What these performance devices do best is to act as an onboard diagnostic tool for the fuel system and are a perfect engine fuel system protector. Another product offering of the brand is the closed crankcase ventilation that is both cost effective and environment-friendly. The installation of this device will promote slow oil consumption by returning the captured oil back into the crankcase.

Racor is also known for the Engine Coolant Heater Series that will surely benefit your vehicle's engine. This Racor performance part reduces maintenance and service demands by reducing the wear and lengthening the time between oil changes. The brand's coolant heater can meet all the diesel generator heating requirements regardless of engine size. It also features a water-tight construction. This is just a few of the many offerings of Racor for your auto. The brand is known for its effective engine protection technologies and its best filtration that is backed up by the best engineering. So take a peek at Racor's other performance product offerings and select and secure your own Racor parts here at Parts Train. You can visit us anytime and our online catalog is always available to help you find what you need.