Quinton Hazell Car Parts & Accessories

Make the most out of your car's engine by equipping it with parts only from Quinton Hazell (QH). This world-class label provides top-of-the-line components such as distributor caps, water and fuel pumps, motor and transmission mounts, suspension kits, and wheel bearings. With more and more car owners choosing this brand over other names, you can be sure that it offers more than just parts at affordable prices.

Quinton Hazell has been offering top-quality aftermarket parts for years now and has earned a lot of recognition over the years. It has almost 40 product lines, with part numbers reaching 38,000. So whatever you need for your car, be it a distributor cap, motor and transmission mount, or a suspension kit, you can always count on this brand. To be able to maintain such an extensive product catalog, the company has invested in high-tech manufacturing sites and world-class facilities. The company also takes great pride in its team of engineers and experts who push the boundaries when it comes to innovatively designed products built for long-lasting performance and durability. Committed to provide only the best products and services, QH doesn't just manufacture and distribute parts. It helps drivers around the world to make the most out of their vehicles with quality parts at affordable prices.

As a worldwide brand that caters to customers from around the globe, Quinton Hazell has manufacturing sites in Bilbao and Barcelona, Spain, Colwyn Bay, UK, and Colico, Italy. Offices and distribution centers are also located in Germany, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Hungary, Sweden, and Ireland. Because of its global network and international partnerships, the company has access to vast resources, helping it stay ahead of its competitors.

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