QMI Pillar Cover & Accessories

Face it. Just like every car owner out there, you probably won't think twice about shelling out cash just so you can upgrade your car. Especially these days, it's important for cars not only to perform well, but to look good, too. Most drivers focus on new rims, spoilers, or hood scoops, so much so that they tend to neglect the pillars of their cars. In case you're unaware, these pillars are the frames of your cars windows, and so can be found between your front and rear windows. Now, these parts may be small, but no doubt, you'll agree that such a small part can ruin an otherwise great-looking car. So you need to make sure that these parts are always as good as new. Wondering how you can pull off decorating your vehicle's pillar? Well, getting a QMI pillar cover is a good start.

With a QMI pillar cover, the window pillars of your car will really stand out. But apart from adding life to your otherwise ordinary-looking pillars, this product also helps keep them in tip-top shape. Your pillars, which are installed on your car's exterior, are continuously exposed to road debris and other harmful elements. But with this product in place, your pillars are protected from getting dents, scratches, and other types of damage, which consequentially helps you save bucks that you would have spent refurbishing or replacing the part.

Every QMI pillar cover is constructed using tough, stainless steel. It has a polished finish for that sleek and shiny look. What's more, it's cut to exactly fit the measurements of most vehicles, so you won't have to worry about making any major adjustments. And there's no need for drilling, because these pillar covers come with a set double-sided adhesive tapes for easier, quicker installation. Definitely a very practical product, wouldn't you say?

Although often overlooked, your car's pillars play a major role in completing the appearance of your car. That's why this part must be properly cared for and should never be neglected. And the best way to get that done is to get a QMI pillar cover. Just browse through our catalog and place an order through Parts Train's online ordering system today.