QMI Front Bed Cap & Accessories

If your pickup's bed rail were a person, it would probably be a slave. That's because day-in and day-out, it carries your heavy cargo, not to mention the fact that a lot of different people who enter your truck's bed consistently step on it. Because of that, these bed rails are susceptible to incurring damage. In the long run, this can cause their quality and appearance to suffer greatly. So stop treating your truck bed like a slave. Make sure it gets the protection it deserves—get a QMI front bed cap.

The QMI front bed cap protects the front area of your pickup bed. Once in place, it shields your front bed from harmful elements like UV rays, changing temperatures, rain, and items that can scratch and dent it. Aside from providing your front bed rail with the needed protection, the QMI front bed cap is also useful in enhancing your pickup's appearance. Thanks to the materials and texture of the product, it adds to your pickup's rugged appeal.

To keep its front bed caps from breaking down quickly, each QMI front bed cap is made using tough, top-quality materials. This ensures that no matter how much it gets hit, its quality won't deteriorate quickly, thus protecting your truck bed for a long time. And the best thing about this product is, like other QMI items, these front bed caps exactly fit the measurements of most vehicles, which means there's no more need for drilling. That's right, you just have to use the adhesives that come with the package to secure them in place. Thus you can install the front bed caps quickly without making any adjustments or doing any major drillings. And because you don't have to hire a mechanic to install them for you, you get more savings! Great, huh?

Replacing a bed cover is definitely cheaper than getting the truck bed repainted or replaced. Why wait until that time when the damage is irreparable and there are no options aside from a costly replacement? So don't think twice about investing in a QMI front bed cap. Get one from Parts Train. Save both your front bed rail and your money!