QMI Bed Rail Cap & Accessories

Your pickup's bed is capable of carrying a lot of weight. But while it may come off as a tough guy because of this function, it can still get damaged. The parts that are most vulnerable to such damage are its rails. These rails are often stepped on before getting into the truck's bed, or they end up supporting the weight of your cargo. It's no wonder then that they get a lot of dents and scratches over time. And we all know how expensive a new paint job can be, not to mention getting a replacement. To maintain the quality of your bed's rails and avoid having to repaint or replace them, keep them protected with a QMI bed rail cap.

The QMI bed rail cap is installed right on top of the bed rails to shield them from harmful elements that can cause damage. These bed rail caps are made using highly durable stainless steel. This gives them a smooth and polished finish and makes them look stylish and sportier. Each one is pre-cut and designed to match the measurements of your pickup's bed rails, so they're very easy to install. Also, you don't need to do any drilling when installing these bed rail caps. All you need to do is to use the double-sided tapes that come with them. Easy installation in just a few minutes!

With the QMI bed rail cap, you can maintain the quality of your bed rails and keep their paint damage-free. And with this product's shiny, sculpted look, your bed rails aren't only well-protected, they easily become a head-turner, too. With that said, there's no reason to doubt that getting this product is a wise and practical decision indeed.

So before you start hauling in cargo or have people step into your pickup's bed, do yourself a big favor: cover its bed rails with a QMI bed rail cap. It's the best thing you can do for you, for your passengers, and for your truck. To get this product, simply browse through our online catalog and place an order through Parts Train's online ordering system. Shop now!