Python Car Parts & Accessories

With a Python fuel injection system under its hood, making the most out of your car's fuel is a breeze. This brand is known for its innovatively designed kits that'll surely help you squeeze out every drop from the fuel tank. And with gas prices going up these days, a highly efficient fuel injection system can help you save money.

A reliable name when it comes to fuel management parts, Python Injection, Inc. was established in 1991. It began as a provider of fuel system parts for imported vehicles when the demand for such cars increased. At that time, there weren't enough distributors and suppliers. Seeing a need for a reliable provider of import fuel system parts, Python capitalized on this by offering top-of-the-line OE replacement fuel management parts at a more affordable price compared to dealership parts. To keep up with its customers' needs, the company invested in state-of-the-art remanufacturing facilities and testing equipment. The investment paid off because today, the brand is one of the most recognized names when it comes to high-quality fuel pumps, fuel level sensors, fuel injectors, body kits, and mass air flow and fuel level sensors.

During the first few years, many of the company's customers had shown interest in buying Python Injection products for domestic vehicles. So in 1998, the brand introduced parts for domestic cars. In the same year, the company also recognized the need for performance products specially built for sports cars. Because of its dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, the company actually won a couple of NHRA Championships through its VENOM Performance product line. Today, this brand remains a true innovator of fuel management parts and a favorite among car owners and race car drivers.

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