Putco Window Covers & Accessories

Customization is a popular activity among car owners because it allows them to personalize the look of their vehicles. The external details of your car are big factor in getting the attention that you want. They catch the eyes of everyone who sees them. If you want to add elegance to the window parts of you ride, try installing Putco window covers. Putco is the innovator when it comes to car and truck accessories. The company got its first taste of success in 1975 when they introduced the country's first running board patent. From then, they have added other miscellaneous accessories to their long list of exceptional products.

Just like other Putco chrome products, Putco window covers also use ABS automotive grade chrome that offers superb protection against harmful elements. The chrome plating gives them the ability to resist fading and discoloration, which is common in ordinary metals. They are also corrosive resistant, so you don't have to worry about rust formation. Because the window covers are located at the exterior parts of your car, you can't avoid road debris and weather elements from damaging them. But because of the heavy-duty chrome used, they won't scratch or scuff very easily. All window covers are custom-designed for particular models to assure of a precise fit. Putco window covers use 3M adhesive tapes to secure them in place without the fuss of drilling, cutting, or modifications. Even the most novice car mechanic can install them without any trouble.

Putco products are recommended by major car players because of their superiority and durability. Parts Train has a wide selection of Putco items, including the Putco window covers. Visit our web site for a complete view of the different designs and colors that you can select from. We guarantee that all items on our catalogue are genuine parts that come direct from the manufacturers. We don't sell fake and imitations. Hurry, visit our online shop now!