Putco Vent Visor & Accessories

The window of your vehicle is easily one of the most noticeable parts of your ride when you cruise along the highway. Windows are exposed to a lot of harmful weather elements and road debris that causes them damage. If you want to protect them, the Putco vent visor is an ideal choice. It is manufactured by Putco – the brand responsible for introducing the first patented running boards in the US. For more than 30 years, the company has prided itself in coming up with innovative car and truck accessories that changes the way car owners look at their rides. All their products carry the brand's trademark use of superior materials and excellent craftsmanship.

The Putco vent visor keeps the rain out when your window is open and also lessens the blinding glare of the sun. It has two vent visor design – the chrome vent visor and the tinted vent visor. The former is crafted from ABS automotive grade chrome that is designed to block the different harsh elements that the car encounters in its daily trips. It also has high resistance against discoloration, fading, and chipping. The chrome vent visor gives a stunning and flawless chrome finish which also highlights other existing chrome parts in your car. Meanwhile, the tinted vent visor is crafted from GE Polycarbonate materials. When you buy a Putco vent visor, you don't have to worry about the fit because it is injection-molded to achieve a precise fit to specific vehicle models. Installation is made simple by the use of 3M adhesive tape which requires no drilling and cutting.

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