Putco Tailgate Protector & Accessories

The great thing about a pick-up truck is its large truck bed which can carry heavy loads from one place to another. Loading and unloading of these cargoes can cause dents and scratches on the tailgate. If you don't employ a tailgate protector, the constant wear and tear can cause severe damage prompting you to change the whole thing. This is quite expensive. So you must use a protector, such as the Putco tailgate protector to act as guard. Putco is famous for their creation of the first patented running boards in the US in 1975. Since then the brand has grown into a major manufacturer of various car and truck accessories. Known for their superior quality and excellence, the Putco tailgate protector is bound to be the same.

A Putco tailgate protector is a metal component that is fixed on the interior wall of the tailgate to protect it from damage. Aside from being functional, it also adds style and updates the look of the tailgate from the inside view. It is specifically crafted to fit the exact lines and contours of the vehicle that it is made for. Whatever your model is, Putco has one for you! You can choose from different cover materials such as the chromed aluminum, stainless steel, and the diamond plate, which are all available in various finishes. It has pre-drilled installation holes to make it easier for you to attach it to the tailgate of your truck.

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