Putco Tailgate Handle Cover & Accessories

Every day you encounter different weather and environmental conditions that contribute to the decrease in quality of the various parts in your car. They can be big or small components, but no matter what if they are damaged they lessen the attractiveness of the vehicle. If you drive a pick-up, there is a big chance that you regularly use it to haul heavy loads and cargoes. You store these at the back of the truck and the only way to do this is to open the tailgate using the tailgate handle. The constant activity of opening and closing the tailgate can put dents and scratches on the handle. Thus, the Putco tailgate handle cover is invented.

The Putco tailgate handle cover is part of the chrome line-up of accessories from Putco. Like all the company's chrome products, it is also crafted from sturdy ABS automotive grade chrome. Among its advantages is the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, prevent discoloration and fading, and stand up against abuse caused by different road debris. It is designed to easily slip over the existing tailgate handle. It does not require modification because it is custom fit to the stock handle. Application is done by peeling the back of the pre-attached 3M adhesive tape. It does not require drilling and cutting to achieve the perfect fit. The tape itself gets the job done.

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