Putco Tailgate Handle & Accessories

There are so many small parts in your pick-up that get loads of abuse through constant use. Before you know it, they are no longer functional and can only cause discomfort if you try to use them still. An example of these parts is the tailgate handle. How many times do you use it in a single day? Countless, right? You use the handle every time you load and unload cargoes on the truck bed causing its mechanism to depreciate due to wear and tear. If you are looking for durable replacements, check out the advantages of a Putco tailgate handle.

If you use a Putco tailgate handle you will benefit from its special contour which makes it a perfect fit to the tailgate. Putco products underwent strict factory tests to ensure their superiority and their tailgate handle is no exception to this. It uses heavy-duty ABS automotive grade chrome that makes it durable and highly-resistant to dents, chipping and scratches. It does not turn into a distinct yellow color and rust formation does not occur compared to other metal handles. You can purchase the Putco tailgate handle as a complete replacement assembly or as a single cover that can slip directly on the existing handle. You can use this chrome-plated component to highlight the other chrome parts of your truck such as the door trim, the side molding or the pillar cover. The 3M adhesive tape is used to install the tailgate handle in no time. So easy!

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