Putco Spare Tire Ring & Accessories

It is pretty common to find the spare tire mounted at the back of an SUV. Because of the tire's size, it has become an additional visual element at the rear area of your vehicle. Don't let the spare tire ruin the cool look that you painstakingly tried to create for you car by means of various accessories. Equip with a cool add-on such as the Putco spare tire ring. It is a functional and stylish piece of metal that projects an elegant and eye-catching ride. Putco has been in the business of creating innovative car and truck accessories for more than 30 years now. They sure know how to create an instant auto makeover with the Putco spare tire ring.

Superior tire coverage, sleek chrome finish – those are what you get from a Putco spare tire ring. This crafty and decorative tire covering uses ABS automotive grade chrome to prevent to occurrence of rusting, fading and discoloration. The material is also resistant to harmful elements that can cause dents, scratches, and scrapes on the spare tire ring. It is a great complement to the existing chrome upgrades that can be found in your car. How long does it take to install it? It takes just a few minutes to get this ring mounted over the spare tire at the back of your SUV. With the help of the 3M adhesive tape, it is securely placed in no time.

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