Putco Side Molding Cover & Accessories

The side profile of your car is just as important as the front and rear. A cool accessory such as the side molding helps in highlighting the aesthetic quality of your vehicle. Since the molding is placed on the exterior lower portion, it is subjected to a lot of impact caused by loose gravel or other harmful road debris. Using a Putco side molding cover is a perfect way to preserve the quality of the side molding. It is part of the chrome accessories line-up that the brand has introduced as a way to customize the look of a car.

The Putco side molding cover is a small piece of chrome-plated covering which lets you upgrade the style of your doors. It uses ABS automotive grade chrome to achieve heavy-duty resistance against harmful weather elements that can cause chipping, dents, discoloration, and fading. The material blends perfectly with other chrome accessories in your car such as the door handles, grille inserts and door trims, just to name a few. The superiority of this product makes them available to use for many miles ahead. One great thing about the Putco side molding cover is its easy installation process that is made possible by the 3M adhesive tape. The tape comes with the product and keeps it in secure place over the stock molding. You don't have to cut or drill to get a perfect coverage, just peel the tape cover and attach it in place.

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