Putco Side Marker Lamp Cover & Accessories

Lights are common car elements that provide great safety and security to both passengers and pedestrians. There are various lighting assemblies that are mounted on different parts of your car. It can be said that they serve three important purposes. First is to provide illumination for the driver, especially at night or when the driving condition is pretty dark. Second is to serve as markers and communication devices with other vehicles on the road, and third is to add style and elegance to the car. You can achieve all of these with the side marker lamp and if you want to protect them from harmful elements, you can equip them with the Putco side marker lamp cover.

The Putco side marker lamp cover uses ABS automotive grade chrome to achieve durable and high quality coverage. The chrome-plated cover is tinted to provide an excellent counterpart to the existing chrome components in your vehicle. This flashy accent does not easily fade or discolor, allowing you to use them for quite some time. The heavy-duty material also makes the Putco side marker lamp cover resistant to weather damage and chipping. The cover comes with a 3M adhesive tape that is used to attach it to the stock lamp of your car. It does not require cutting, drilling or any modifications. It is an interesting way to spice up the side profile of your automobile.

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